1991 corolla seats.

Okay, so I want to replace the seats I have now with something a little more luxurious or comfortable at the least. I plan on redoing the interior, but I want to replace those seats for sure. I don't care what brand or even if it comes from a different car I'm thinking I have to custom make the mounting brackets on the bottom but if not, does anyone know what other seats are compatible with this car? Do the newer seats fit, or is there another car I can think those seats out of and replace them? I'm not too experienced with seats so I wouldn't know if there are a lot of compatible ones. I don't really want to get seat covers I just want to replace the whole seat itself. If it's possible
I wanna a say if anyone want a pretty business car with comfortable seats for two front passengers also with great fuel economy Toyota Corolla is the best. As overall it's user friendly and spare parts have availability in the market.