1991 Toyota Ac relay prob

So the air conditioning on my 1991 Toyota Corolla 1.6 base model if I put a relay for the compressor it will not turn on so I jumped it manually with a 30 watt fuse and the AC works fine but if I put the relay back or a new relay even it doesn't seem to work I almost want to just keep it with the homemade relay I made out of a 30 watt fuse but the problem is now with the homemade relay when I turn the AC button off and turn the fan switch on the compressor clutch seems to keep going consistently mind you I didn't connect the air conditioning compressor direct with a wire to the battery or anything. I simply grabbed a 30 watt fuse and clamped to 1 in wires so that I can clip it into the positive and negative where the relay original clips into
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