1994 Corolla - Issues Starting With New Engine

I swapped my 94 corolla engine with a 96 used motor that was running and I cant seem to get it started. The car cranks and tries to start but nothing happens.

The 96 motor has a crank angle sensor and the egr system on the manifold. I used my old intake manifold and left the crank angle sensor unplugged.

Any ideas what could be causing this?
I think you need to determine whether there is a problem in delivering a fuel/air mix to each cylinder or with getting a spark at each plug.

Try removing a spark plug after you have cranked the car a few times and see if there is a smell of gas. With the spark plug kept well away from its opening on the engine (so as not to ignite any vapours coming out of the engine) reconnect the lead to the spark plug you have removed and twist a bare copper wire round the spark plug thread and connect it to any convenient bare metal connected to the body of the car or engine. Get a friend to crank the engine (by turning the key of course) and see if there is a spark between the electrodes on the plug. Do not hold the plug whilst doing this as you don't want to get a nasty shock.

Once you know whether its a mixture or ignition problem you will be well on the way to solving the problem.

Rod ;)