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    hey team, as the title suggests I have started racing dirt track oval. I have never owned a Toyota before and bought a 1995 1.8L AT. It came with a roll cage and was gutted. Stock engine. I added a fuel cell, inertia switch and tach. The plan this winter was to add lowering springs, a header, modify the air intake, paint, 1 inch lugs nuts and swap to a manual transmission and short shifter. I can get a tranny from the local wrecker for $130. I will need to grab all the other goodies that go with it so figure I'm in to $200. I can get a clutch kit for another $130. Comes with everything I need. I have a couple questions
    1. What years tranny will fit my car and what all should I be grabbing
    2. Do I need an ecu or wiring etc I don't want to make 5 trips to the wrecker. I want to do this in 1 or 2 trips.
    3. Do I need to cut holes in the fire wall etc. Not a problem just curious.
    4. Can I remove the rev limiter easily. I am avoiding a chip as they are not allowed.
    5. Do I need drive axles when going to the manual.
    6. Should I get it tuned or the ecu will be able to handle the changes
    7. I have to keep the car relatively stock but can use stock parts. Would any parts from other vintages or models benefit me. For example injectors from a celica? Cams from a geo? I heard rear springs from a wagon are stiffer. But I need all 4 and thought they should all be the same spring rate. I am able to cut the stock springs but will that be any advantage?
    The car is already illegal for the track as they don't allow 16v Dohc but made an exception because....well it's a corolla. But with the minor mods I may be able to crack the top ten and have some fun with it for a few years.
    I have already replaced 2 rims, lower control arm, inner tie rod and rear lateral link from 3 races and 2 separate incidences. So far it's been eventful.
    I'm mechanical and believe this should only take me 60 beers and one fight with my wife but would like this to go smoothly and any help will be appreciated. I tried uploaded a photo a few times but no luck. I will try again tomorrow.

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