2001 Corolla Dash Problems

Hey everyone. So I put a new stereo into my 01 corolla and now the dash doesn't light up. The stereo and clock do, but none of the gauges. I think it's a short or something somewhere because if I connect three wires it lights up, but if I do it like it's suppose to, it doesn't. Could it be a problem with my dimmer?? Even when I put the original stereo back in, it still doesn't light up. Can anyone help me?? I would really appreciate it! I want to be able to see how fast I'm going at night! lol


9th Gen Corolla
I had the same problem with my 03. If I remember correctly you need to leave the wires you have to connect, labeled dimmer unconnected, and replace a blown fuse underneath the dash labeled tail. I think that's how I did it, and it fixed it.