2001 Corolla e11 1zzfe build planning

Greetings from Norway!

Im planning swapping out my 4zzfe for a 1zzfe from a mr2. The corolla I have is a 5 door lift back from 2001 which has low milage and no rust. I also managed to get my hands on a 2000 corolla g6 hatchback that's been heavily attacked by rust but most of the drivetrain and engine is in good shape. Im taking out the motor and keeping it as a "backup" engine. The gearbox is a c161 gearbox, after what I have read the c161 is a bit rare? After what I understand it has short gear ratio for better acceleration? Will it bolt straight on to a 1zzfe? Thats my biggest concern. If it does fit that means I can use the transmission I already have laying around.

So my plan is:
  • Swap 4zzfe to 1zzfe (140hp from a mr2)
  • Try to fit the c161 gearbox to a 1zzfe
  • coilovers
  • remove backseats and spare tires and so on for weight saving
  • stiften up the chassis (already fitted a front strut bar that came of the g6)
  • bigger breaks, haven't decided which one yet.