2002 LE misfiring cylinder 2

Hey! I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla LE. It has its issues, but the engine issue is that it’s cylinder 2 is misfiring. I’ve already replaced the spark plugs and ignition coils. What do I do now? It’s got sort of a knocking sound, but it happens at city speeds around 1,400 rpm, and I’ve been told it’s the misfiring cylinder.
And it only happens intermittently, meaning it’ll happen during one drive and won’t happen during the next.
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Nobody ever answered this?
I have an 02 as well. How many miles?
Could be fuel injectors going. First my #3 was bad, then #1 and the car was very slow. I just decided to replace all my fuel injectors
when I took it for emissions inspections. I had knocking/rattling too. The knocking could be detonation from running lean from piston slap from running without fuel in the combustion chamber.

It took me 4 mechanics to figure that out. The first 3 told me that my #3 cylinder had low compression and I would need a new motor.
The fourth mechanic finally told me that my fuel injectors were going bad.
It now runs good, but the 1.8 burns oil from bad piston rings and I will have to replace the plugs every so often.
I originally had misfire codes, lean codes, cat codes, and vvt code (P1346).
Now all the codes are gone except the vvt codes.