2003 Corolla Trunk Lock assembly

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    Last year my interior trunk latch release lever failed.

    Prior to that,
    the trunk key lock started rotating clockwise and would not open.

    I finally got the stars to align and rotated the lock to a spot where I could get it to open.

    Many years ago (10),
    My Mom, went on a trip to NYC to see a Broadway play.
    Her trunk was vandalized. Using the old screw driver trick.

    Long After that,
    Just last year, started a series of intermittent operation of the interior trunk latch and exterior trunk lock.

    Both have now failed me and now, "The trunk lock Assembly and it's linkages", have moved to the top of my, "Repair List".

    I also found that,
    The back seat on the driver side, "Pull and Press method", in the #2 hole of spring stub, to drop rear driver side, fold down seat release, really does work.

    Prior to removing trunk panel clips, to get to the trunk lock Assembly.

    Does anyone know of, a link or website with a diagram (including parts numbers), for me to view?

    A diagram with part numbers will make it, so much easier to search and order replacements parts. Once I get inside.

    What are the Various tools (homemade or specifically made) to remove those, trunk panel clips without damaging them.
    That would be helpful, too.

    In advance, for any and all of your help!

    Sorry for the long winding post / thread! :(

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