2004 Corolla rear brake noise

Hope you guys can help me out I have a 2004 Corolla with rear drum brakes and ever since I replaced the factory brakes years ago I have a noise every time I hit the brakes I have tried replacing them with cheap ones expensive ones best that money can buy still get the same noise. I even sent it to a garage let them change brakes and drums still does the same to date I have tried 6 different sets of brakes and drums still the same sounds like a load squeak squeak only when hitting the brakes and only seems to do it on hot days. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hi Jskino,

same problem with my 2007's. I recorded the sound on this youtube link

Brake noise
*anyway just ignore the "Suzuki" floor mast =)

The noise came up every time I hit the brake. only half-hit. Does your noise problem sounds like that?

I did repair it in many ways. First, change the brake pad, then the noise disappear just only a few moments after I drive it. I think that when the plate being hot so the noise came back. I did change the caliper pin and its boots. The noise still there.

As you may see I posted the video back then in 2018, so the problem now has been 2 years with no difference at all.