2005 Corolla XRS lift issue

Hey there guys im new to the forums and i’ve been having a Lift issue with my newly acquired xrs corolla. 2zzge runs strong but doesnt hit lift. I changed the vvtl oil filter, changed the lift bolts (old ones were still good just mildly scratched), ocv’s are good and clean, and the engine is already warm. It will rev up and redline around 8krpm, but when i go past 6k to start (lift) it feels like a flat spot and also feels like it the engine is struggling a little. In neutral it redlines around 8k. Also my reverse lights do not light up when i go into reverse maybe this has something to do with it. I do have a cel for my secondary air pump not sure if that also has anything to do with it. Looking forward to your guys input. Thanks!


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