2005 In trouble


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Daughter states her 2005 Corolla with about 180K miles, suddenly won't excelerate past about 70mph and started losing speed when traveling on Hwy. She pulled off the Hwy and while engine was still running the OIL light and battery light came on, a burst of hot air came through the vents and it stalled.
My troubleshooting included: spraying MAS, checking each spark plug for a spark, checked fuses for EFI in the engine compartment fuse box, swapped EFI relay, replaced fuel pump, verified all fluids are good and battery is fine.

I really though it might be the fuel pump, but isn't, I am thinking the ECU is about all I have left outside of the engine internals like the timing chain.

It turns over but sputters and never really seems interested in starting.
Any Ideas?
Clean the battery terminal and MAF sensor.
Replace the pcv valve and check the pcv hose.
Check your spark plugs or replace them.

If you unhook the battery. You will need let the car idol for a bit to relearn setting for the ECU.

Re-test and let us know

For laughs and giggles... just do an oil change, don't try to top if off