2005 Toyota corolla XRS engine source in ontario?

I am posting this in an attempt to help my father. does anyone know where in southern Ontario I can find a new engine for a 2005 Toyota corolla XRS?

It would be a big help for my parents.

Thank you and sorry for intruding onto your lovely forum,


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Unless I'm mistaken, the XRS engine is the 2.4 liter base engine from the Camry... They should be readily available at any salvage yard.


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I was incorrect. in 2005, they were using the Celica GTS engine. 1.8 with different cams, i assume. Still, they should be around...
dime a dozen on craigslist and search your local yelp... weight out the cost, time, $$$, resell value, and headache before you truly commit.

FYI: it's not a friendly swamp :(:mad:
If you can't hear it running, If you can't do a compression check, and if the engine isn't clean enough to check for leaking seals don't touch it. I learned this because the guy looked honest to me Ha.