2007 Corolla Top Speed?

I was gifted a 2007 Corolla CE a few months ago as a present for getting my license. It has about 130,000k on it and everything's pretty much stock except some exhaust work and I changed the air filter to a k&n one.

I was wondering what the top speed of these cars are? I'm pretty sure this one for some reason doesn't have a govern.. its beaten a few cars it really shouldn't have going up a really big hill, like a turbo Mazda cx7, and completely smoked my other car (96 maxima). It also kept up to a dodge stealth (until we ran out of straight highway) at 190k without a problem.

Are these cars usually that fast? And if so, why does everyone seem to think they're "uncool" or whatever ?


I wouldn’t recommend going over 100 in a corolla. They aren’t built to do such a thing. I have an e46 bmw (till I sell it on Wednesday) and that can reach 100+ mph and not shake a ton. Going past 80 in my corolla is sketchy because it shakes quite a bit. Plus I don’t push my corolla because I dont want to deal with repair bills like on my bmw. I would say the top speed is 105 out of fear and 115 out of power. These aren’t race cars so I wouldn’t recommend driving them like they are.