2009 Corolla ECU-IG NO 2 fuse repeatedly blowing


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The 10 amp fuse that is to the ECU-IG NO 2 blew on me a couple weeks ago and I don't know what has caused it. I keep replacing it hoping to be able to find the culprit. The circuit is to several things including: back-up lights, charging system, rear window defogger, air conditioning system, multi-port fuel injection system/sequential multi-port fuel injection system and the moon roof. When the fuse blows the following happens, the airbag light comes on, the a/c fan stops blowing, the turn signals stop working and the back-up lights do not work. If I drive the car very long while that fuse is blown, it becomes harder to steer, the cruise contol stops and the ABS light comes on.
Since the car does not have a moon roof, it cannot be that. I just replaced the battery 2 days ago as it was bad. I had the alternator checked 4 times in a row, one right after another and it comes back as good each time. After replacing the battery and reinstalling the alternator, I replaced the fuse and took the car for a drive. Before I went a block, the fuse blew. Does anyone have any ideas to help me trace down the problem?
The whole problem may be that the alternator is not properly distributing power to the car's electronic devices. That causes the fuses to blow, designed for just such cases. I advise you to contact a suitable electrician about this problem because I only assumed the alternator. Now many repair shops do any work quickly and efficiently. My brother has an auto repair shop, but it's not likely to be on your route. A massive plus of my brother's service is that he uses https://autoleap.com to interact with his customers. It helps him get a high level of productivity.