2010 corolla S General repairs getting ready


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After solving my battery issue Lol, it is cleared up for now, and the Ride. I checked my rotors ( call them disks) they need replacing, might as well pull the wheel off, and surprize, the back brake is gone! had a lot of life on the pad. Stuck slider pin, it's important to lube them, I did. so I have a list of parts to order:

Slider pins
Boots for pins if come
Rotor front pair
Front Brake

Option Alternator on hold.

I wonder if a calipar be the better option (just my thought out loud)

Ebay, for toyota brakes, aftermarket rotor, and OEM pins.

I also notice the shock boot is gone and if a replacement that I do not have to remove can fit over, if not always cut one and fit back Lol.