2010 Toyota Corolla S - Brand New Car - ECM Already Replaced

My family has owned a total of five Toyota Corollas (1981, 1991, 1995 and now 2010). My mother purchased a brand new 2010 Toyota Corolla S in the month of April 2011. Yes, believe it or not we found a dealership that still had two 2010 Toyota Corolla S's on their lot. They had a lot more a couple of weeks earlier, but we knew they would eventually get sold. I had hoped that it would drive the price down the longer they stayed on the log, but once gas prices started going up and the tsunami in Japan hit, my mom decided to go ahead and buy now before prices went up. We were very pleased when we test drove the Corolla S as we found it to be a much better ride than the LE. I know it's the same specs, but I guess it's the larger wheels that made the ride smoother.

We were happy to get a brand new 2010 that late in the year considering that the 2011's were pricer and we could still get a $1500 rebate on the 2010.

Anyways, my seventy-two year old mother has hardly driven the car. She had not even used up the full tank of gas that the car came with. I borrowed the car cause my 1991 Toyota Corolla had a flat tire and the spare was flat too. Yeah, it's twenty years old, I should have checked that spare a while ago.

So I borrowed my mom's brand new car and the Check Light and VCS off light came on. In addition, I had trouble starting the car. Considering that we hadn't even gone through one tank of gas, I was less than thrilled.

I took it to the dealership and waited about 3 hours to find out that they had to replace the Engine Control Module (ECM). Of course, it was covered under the warranty, but had it not, the bill would have almost been $7,000.

Should I be overly concerned that a brand new car had major work done on it already or is this issue not that big of a deal?

Thanks for reading.
Yes, be concerned! During the warranty period, run the devil out of the car in all different scenarios and conditions. Try to break it within reason and see what happens. Yours may be a one-time condition which is now fixed. But again, press to test!!