2012 Corolla has a hesitation in accelerating and is also not accelerating quickly.

So, I don’t know if this is true or not, but my aunt who used the car when it was new said it has always done this. I came here to this forum to see if people had similar experiences. I’m a person with little to no car experience, so if someone has any pointers to give, please use simpleton language :p Milage is currently at 51,499. Anyways, here’s the problem a bit more in depth: When I attempt to accelerate, the petal has to be pushed down quite a bit more than on other vehicles. When the vehicle finally accelerates, it’s rather sluggish and takes a while (about .5 - 1 seconds time) for it to get up and go, which is dangerous, considering the quality of california’s drivers. When it finally does go, it’s quite hard to gain speed. I also *need* to have the petal on the floor to even maintain 40 mph uphill.
Is your check engine light on? If it is, then you may have a issue with your Corolla's throttle-body not opening all the way, in order to let air (oxygen) into the engine's combustion chamber. The more you press down on the pedal, the more the throttle-body is supposed to open up, to let more air into the engine for acceleration.

If your check engine light is not on, check your engine air filter/air box See if the air filter needs to be replaced or if there is something clog the air box, which could be preventing air to get to the throttle-body, and thus into the engine for combustion. Basically, without the enough air/oxygen going into the engine, your Corolla will not accelerate properly. Rodents like squirrels, mice and rats, love getting into a car's air box to nest or store food.