2012 Corrola Screen Went Blank

The light works, but no black lettering.
I can still change the stations or mode (AM to FM to iPod).

This happened gradually, but now it is permanent.

I changed the fuse, but that did not work.

I have seen similar posts, but th
Any fixes?
Having the same problem. Seems to be a common one but no solutions. Even found a video with a good example of the problem. (But not how to fix it)

some suggestions that if you hit on top of the radio, just above the hazard button, or push slightly on the display, it seems to solve the problem. Mine is intermittent so haven’t been able to test it yet. Good luck
Happened again. There were weird characters on the screen and most of the buttons didn’t work. At least this time I could switch between aux and radio.

I pushed slightly on the screen and it fixed the problem… at least for now.

the fix doesn’t make sense to me, but there it is. One online poster indicates there’s possibly a loose wire… who knows. Any other feedback is welcomed.
Unfortunately, the fix may have been a very weird coincidence. Similar issue today, though slightly different (display was blurry black boxes, fading at the top, but buttons and radio seemed to work).

I tried pushing on the screen again and banging above the hazard button. Neither worked.

eventually it just started working part way through the drive home. Weather was dry and mild so I don’t think that was a factor.

good luck all and here’s to hoping someone finds a fix