2013 corolla with possible fuel issues. Please help

Hey all,

I was hoping I could get some help here as I'm not sure where to go. I have a 2013 corolla that has been acting strange for about a month. The first issue was when I was in traffic, car was running fine but when I started accelerating after I cleared the accident the car just died. I pulled over and the car would not restart but just turn over. CEL was on due to an oil change being needed so o didnt get the codes checked at that moment. Car started back up after a few minutes and toys and had no issues. Got the oil changed and cleared the CEL.

A week later I drove for about 25 minutes and parked to go into a store. When I came out 5 minutes later the car would not start. It would turn over but no ignition. After a few trys and about 5 minutes the car fired up and I had no issues. Rinse and repeat this problem a couple times a week with no CEL for about a month. Well finally on Thanksgiving I went to my car after work and the engine would not start. Again it would turn over but no ignition. After a few attempts the car started and then shut off about 10 seconds later. Tried again after a few attempts and it started. I got the RPMs to about 4k and them the car died. Tried again and then kept RPMs at 3k and slowly back off the accelerator and once the rpms reach 1.2k the car died again. Bow the car does not start and if it does it dies within about 10 seconds.

I pulled the seat to feel the fuel pump and could not feel anything as I turned the car over but I'm not sure how much I should be able to "feel" with my hand on the pump. EFI fuses are good to go... no CEL right now but I now have a heavy paper weight sitting in my driveway. MAP sensor, relay, clocked fuel filter, bad pump, clogged injectors?

I want to check the fuel psi on the rail but I dont have the tool right now. Does anyone know the psi I should be getting? Does anyone know the voltage and pins I should be checking on the plug going to the pump? Any other thoughts?

Sorry for the long thread but this thing is kicking my butt. Thanks in advance for the help!


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Have you looked for signs of a cracked head gasket? Smoke you see smoke in the exhaust? Have you removed spark plugs to verify that no coolant is present? I saw another post her about a fuel filter being clogged.
Hey delrey,

Thanks for the responce but the issue has been fixed. It looks like my fuel pump and some sort of short that worked it's way backwards frying my EFI relay and my PCM. They began working intermittently only allowing 3 volts to go to my pump when 5 volts should have been present. We are not sure why this happened but it happened. In short we replaced the fuel pump, efi relay, and the pcm (including reprograming) and that fixed the issue.

I hope this diagnostics works for anyone else running into the same issue.