2013 seat upholstery replacement with 2014 covers?

Hello all! I am looking to replace cloth seat covers in my wife's '13 Corolla LE. I'm leaning towards Coverking Neoprene, but I have a line on some leather covers here locally at a competitive price. I will have no problem removing the existing cloth to install the leather so that's not an issue; however, the leather covers are for a 2014 Corolla. Just eyeballing things, they look very similar, aside from some stitching details which look to be more aesthetic than anything.

I know overall dimensions of the vehicle changed from '13 to '14; however, did seat frames and guts change?

Thanks for your help!
Just to throw out another option, Clazzio makes some pretty nice leather seat covers. They're $600 for the leather insert versions, but they look like factory and don't require you to take off the old covers.