2015 Corolla le Blower motor issue

Hello everyone , first time here.
So 2015 with auto ac system , the blower motor continues to run after engine is shut down. Any ideas?
It killed the 5yr battery and so there is a new battery installed now. I disconnected the wires to the blower motor so the battery will not die.
A replacement fan is on order as this is one possibility , the other being the hvac temperature amplifier module. Unlike resistor blocks to control blower speeds this corolla uses an electronic means of doing so. Electronic pulses are sent to the motor at various rates and effect different blower speeds. The motor assembly is not just a motor but contains electronics as well and it is possible for a short to occur in the electronics. When this short occurs the motor will run even though the car is turned off. There is always power to the motor even the ignition key is out. I will report back to see if the motor was the problem.