2015 noise while driving

My finance has a 2015 Corolla. 70k miles. Turning left and driving there's a clunking rhythm noise coming from the front. I jacked it up and looked at the shaft while she put it in drive and let off the brakes. Looks like some slight wobble from the CV shaft so I'm assuming that's the culprit. I think we got the extended warranty but not sure what they cover or when we can get it checked out. Does this sound a CV shaft? I know she just got something from Toyota about some faulty cvt stuff so I'm hoping it's nothing to do with that. We haven't had it in the shop for maintenance since the free oil changes but I've been changing it regularly since then. Just put new brakes on the front 5k ago. Her parents just had a crappy runaround with Hyundai warranty repairs and ended up paying 4300 out of pocket so I'm skeptical of taking it to the shop.
Well, 2 years ago I was in the same situation like you and all I can say - it's better to show it to the repairer. I got into an accident just because I was waiting and didn't love all these maintenance shops. After that I insured my car so now I don't have to pay a lot. www.general.com/ Good luck with that.