2015 white paint chip?

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by 可愛いKawaiiNIsaki, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Hello, I have had my 2015 for over a year now, it’s white, and now it has rock chips on the hood and black lines and chips on the front bumper where the paint for chipped on the front bumper all over. I drive normally and on the highway. Someone told me Toyota didn’t do a good job on the white paint on this model. Is this normal? Other cars have less chips than mine. Is it me having a white car? I’m getting the touch up paint from Toyota but will I constantly have to keep touching up the paint? I wash and wax the car a good amount too. Thanks
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  3. Blackielance

    Blackielance New Member

    I have a similar problem though my car is only a few months old and already has some chipping on the paint on the hood. I have heard that the paint was done really cheaply and I thinking about just taking it to a body shop and having them at least repaint my hood with a thicker clear coat.
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  4. Chris Denton

    Chris Denton New Member

    Mine is the slate gray and my hood has also got rock chips. I keep a bottle of touch up paint nearby.
    I have a Lebra cover for just the hood, if I travel on the highway a lot I put this on.
    I’ve tried the AVS bug deflector too, but I don’t like how it holds the hood up on the front corners.
    I guess when it gets bad enough I’ll wrap it in carbon fiber vinyl. Just kidding! I’ll get it repainted.
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  5. Halfkoreanboy972

    Halfkoreanboy972 New Member

    I have the blue crush color and my paint is chipping and falling off too
  6. JoshTRD

    JoshTRD New Member

    just throw some clear 3m vinyl about 1/4 over your hood.....they put vinyl over the hoods of high end cars like porch or BMW....and if you don't want to do it...a local tint shop probably can.
  7. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    I've got no problem with paint chip. Not sure if your color is pearl/metallic in that white or plain white. What I've noticed over the years is that metallic paint is more resistant to chips/scratches than plain white or black paint. Same goes to any non metallic collors, I'm not expert but I see what I see. Also, not sure if it's because of the same reason, maybe lack of an extra coat but white cars seem to rust quicker. I know some of you will say, well you can just see it more cause it's white but I disagree. For some reason white vehicles rust prematurely.
  8. fishycomics

    fishycomics New Member

    over time windshield gets pitted. chips, you name it. I painted my bumper myself. wit ha can of paint. and also mask around some spots. can not let it worry ya that much. overtime another one will pop up, and the can comes out again for my 2010.

    On our 2016 the paint is by far thinner coated. got a few places on the car that is not chipped but marked. it's life not a Rolls Royce. but a car we like to keep lookin good.

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