2018 Revving High.

A little bit ago, I got a text from my girlfriend saying "It was revving high like it didn't want to shift". I don't know much about newer cars, let alone Toyotas. So, I'm just here to try and get tips on where to start so I can find the problem. A couple weeks ago it did go to the dealership for an oil change and recalls to be done. One of the recalls was for the airbags that may not deploy in an accident, paperwork said they replaced part of the wiring harness. Not sure if that could be causing it, but if it is an electrical issue, It'd make sense. As far as she told me, there's no check engine lights.
It does have the 1.8 with the CVT, The car has a little over 20k miles.
Could be a lot of things, including being in "s" or "b" instead of "D" for driving, especially since no CEL/codes). Really don't see how it could be related to the airbag harness recall. Also, check if the car need some other recall/service campaign : https://www.toyota.com/recall
I told her to make sure she's awake enough and it's in drive. I don't see how it could be related to the airbag harness either, but Being new to this forum, and knowing little of newer cars, I figured it'd be good to list any recent work done to it. I'll check for recalls when she get's home so I can get the vin number.