2019 Toyota Corolla LE remote range is not very far

I forgot where I parked the other day so I set off the panic alarm to help locate it. I tried everything. Holding it up high, low and at a normal height. I was disappointed to find it only went off when I was about two cars from the vehicle. Regardless of using it for its intended purpose or using the panic alarm to find my car, shouldn’t the distance between key and car be much greater? I mean what if there’s actually a robber near my car and I don’t want to be that close to them to set off the alarm? Doesn’t such a short range seem dangerous? I wasn’t sure if the key just has a short distance for the alarm to go off or if the one I have is defective but I wanted to know if anyone else has this problem as well. What’s weird is that I used to own a 2008 Nissan Altima and the range was so good, the remote was able to go off a floor below where my car was actually parked.
My 2017 is the same way. I replaced the keyfob battery with a new one and still i have to almost walk right next to my car for the keyfob to work.


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Yes, the range sucks. My 2011 did way better than my current 2017. If I need range, I use my aftermarket remote starter fob that came with the car. It's range is amazing.
More of the same with my '18 Corolla. I would also have to be damn close to it to unlock my doors. Surprisingly (?), my trunk opener has a slightly farther range ...i dont know why that would be.

2014 owner here, same garbage range as y'all are describing. That paired with the extremely quiet locking beep are two of the things I dislike most about this car.