202 Toyota Corolla SE premium Pg First impressions video

Thank you. You have produced a very informative video. I especially appreciate that you aren't a fanboy and give an honest opinion of both likes and dislikes. I won't use most of the tech so the SE model probably isn't where I will go when I trade my '17 LE. I am surprised that Toyota hasn't notched the door tops to make getting in and out easier, nor have they done much to improve the seating position since it seems you sit down in it. I can't understand why the rear headrests aren't designed to fold down when not in use so the driver can see out the back window. Just like the one I have now, the 2020 has too many blind spots.

I like the 0-16 oil gimmick. I wonder how many dealers will try to screw the owners on warranty claims if they use non Toyota 0-20.