2020 Lease question


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Tire recycling has anyone got charged a desposal fee of $12.50 on Sigining of a lease.

1 Inspection fee a charge but with the advantage plan given two years free.
2 tire desposal fee on no old tires where is there old tires on the new car beause of the lease ending
Wow, 12.50 is not so small, but I don’t have a car yet and I need your advice. I found one good model for $ 12,000 and I have two solutions. I can take it on credit from a car dealership or take a loan from a bank and get a car right away. I prefer the second option, because I read on https://foxycredit.com/dk/vivus-lan that Vivus Bank has an excellent reputation and very favorable interest, unlike a car dealership. Nevertheless, I need your advice ...


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So when we sat down, went over the lease $12.50 will be the fee to recycle collected up front. You clearly can afford your cable bill. or the phone bill . so yes we try to cut costs, and I hear ya, but I heard the stupidest one yet.

roof leaks.. I live on the 1st floor why Should i pay for a roof?