60K Service (2015 Corolla - Manual Transmission)

Hello, first time posting here. I apologize in advance for my long post, but I have several questions. My 2015 6-speed manual transmission Toyota Corolla (S-plus model) is coming up on its 60K service and I am wondering what maintenance is necessary at this point, besides the oil/filter change and tire rotation. The maintenance schedule provided in the owner’s manual is very generic and I can’t find anything specific for the maintenance of a manual transmission corolla. The car is currently running without any issues. Any advice on additional services that should be done at this service?

Also, I called my local Toyota dealer and their 60K service is $279.99. I personally think this is on the expensive side given that it’s only an oil change, tire rotation, replacing the engine and cabin air filters and “inspections” of various other components of the car. Can someone comment on whether the pricing seems correct? I can get an oil change and tire rotation for about $80 together and replacing the air filters on my own will likely cost an additional $35. So $115 total. Are the additional “inspections” worth the $165 that the dealer is wanting to charge?

Thanks in advance for your responses!
Look for an independent shop in your area that specializes in Toyota's and/or Japanese makes. Most perform maintenance to Toyota's service interval schedule. Yes, it can be done for a lot less. You should be able to do the filters yourself in a minimal amount of time. The tire shop where you purchased your tires (provided they are not the original) typically rotate them for free for life. If you haven't already, I would suggest replacing your battery, if it's the original. Four years is the average life span.