86 Corolla runs fine, then sputters and dies

Discussion in 'Older Model Toyota Corollas' started by Tim M, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Tim M

    Tim M New Member

    Hey all,
    My 1986 Corolla only has about 191k miles and recently has been having some problems that are causing it to be unreliable. For a while now, it kind of chugs a little, but recently has gotten much worse. It'll start just fine and drive off without a problem, then after a few minutes, it will die. It has also been backfiring. It WILL start eventually, but takes about 10 minutes. Any thoughts? Is it timing or fuel delivery? Car is carburated. I am not sure where to start. By the way, I have recently replaced the fuel filter and have checked the air filter, both are fine. I start a new job on Monday and need to have this car working, she's my only form of transportation! Thanks!
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  3. kimp

    kimp New Member

    Fuel pump perhaps?
  4. earl Corolla 1992

    earl Corolla 1992 New Member

    Sounds like to me throttle positioning sensor it's about a $20 part
  5. Super Stock

    Super Stock New Member

    Get a timing light and check it against the spec. Don't know the spec? Check the manual. Don't have a manual? Get one. There is a beautiful plastic wrapped factory service manual on ebay now for $18 + shipping. If necessary move the distributor to advance or retard the timing. Your car has an automatic choke. You pump the pedal twice, then start it without touching the pedal, once it warms up after a minute or two you pump the throttle to disengage the choke. If the car is not starting this way, there may be an issue with this mechanism. Does it idle smoothly? Remove the air filter and check the hoses. There are some that can get disconnected underneath it. The hoses can also get brittle with age. Check those and make sure they are pliable. Replace them if necessary. There is also a hose from the exhaust that goes up to the air filter housing to help with warm up.
  6. manzac0141

    manzac0141 New Member

    This is a difficult subject. We need to check that it should not be wild that such a situation like this. If we do not have the knowledge to disturb the best.
  7. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    If it back fires that sounds like distributor is out of timing , Could be plug wire crossed . The hard start is from the back firing flooding your carb
  8. manzac0141

    manzac0141 New Member

    Yeah, it's very disappointing. I think it's a good run, I like it when driving, it feels good.
  9. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    I would follow this advice - Because this would expose if your timing chain jumped a tooth or is stretched . What size motor do you have ?? Is it the 4a or 3tc .
  10. Christian_pulisic

    Christian_pulisic New Member

    I'm too much satisfy as its run very well! Also i realize that it's performance is quite better than relevant brand. Hope marketer will be more concern in near future to the customer benefits.

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