89 Corolla 4A-FE Not Starting Issues

Hello all,

I’m out of options so I’ve decided to check the forums for help. I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to figure out the issue with my 89 Corolla AllTrac. I was coming home when all of a sudden it acted like i was pulling off in second gear, it kinda shuddered but when I got up to the 3000-3500 RPM range it went back to normal. It repeated a total of 3 times until i tool the offramp home and finally stalled out. I’ve checked all fuses, relays, breakers, even replaced them for safe measure, and cleaned all grounds, etc. I looked at the diagram and I am getting the 12 Volts from the orange and black wire that leads from the battery, to the injectors, then to the distributor, but I replaced the distributor and it didn’t make a difference (the distributor was from a salvage yard so It possiblly didn’t work). I have fuel pressure and I replaced the filter just to be safe. Any ideas? My car has been down for a week and I just need it back, any advice would be extremely appreciated. I’ve only been working on cars for a couple years so I’m not as proficient as I like. I’ve attached the wiring diagram of the circuit if anyone has any pointers. Thank you all so much.


I've faced such a problem/ If you got some problems with starting you have to check your battery first of all. As far as I know sometimes the problem is in it's low power or voltage. I've solved my issue with help of battery maintainer, you can choose one from this review list(https://carinmydna.com/best-battery-maintainer/). If it will not help you can pm me and I will try to help.