96 Corolla, stalls on acceleration, unless given gas.

Hi, I have a 96 Corolla. I just bought this car, drove it 50ish miles from Fremont to Daly City, no issues. Spent a couple hours driving around SF, and the car died on me after trying to go from a stop light. It will idle fine all day long, but as soon as you put it into gear, and try to go forward, it dies, UNLESS I keep my foot on the brake, and give a little gas, then it goes no issue, but sometimes this doesn't work. When it stalls out, I get white smoke coming up out of the air intake tube. It's throwing code P0105 for a MAP sensor, I bought one from AutoZone, installed, notice no difference, put old one back on, and returned new sensor. ODB scanner shows the following:. Fuelsys1 OL___FAULT.

Things I've tried:
1.New map sensor
2.Trans fluid levels
3.Cleaned PVC valve

I'm assuming this is a fuel issue, it's going to the dealer tomorrow for a diagnosis, but want some other opinions, as I don't trust the dealer, they just happen to be REALLY close.