AE101R Mag Wheel Centre Cap

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has or knows of where I can get a centre cap for a 14" mag wheel with 8 spokes that belongs to an AE101R Corolla?

I have searched eBay and Googled to try and find one but have come up with no exact matches. The front or face of the centre cap is approx. 55-56mm in diameter and the rear or clip side is approx. 51-52mm in diameter. It does have a Toyota logo on the face of the centre cap and the genuine part number on the rear is 42624-05010.

I can supply photographs if required. The centre cap is grey/silver, not chrome (which is all I seem to be finding online).

If anyone has information of where I could get one or even a set of four that would fit it, would be greatly appriciated.