Any idea about this part's name? 96 Corolla Hatchback

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Toyota Corolla' started by Tieigo, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Tieigo

    Tieigo New Member

    Hello Folks, do you guys have any idea of what is this part is? It appears to be some sort of electronical air related thing that stays next to the 16 valve "thingy", Any clue?
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  3. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    Looks like a check valve either for emission , Idle Can you get a photo of where it is connected to and going to ?
  4. OP

    Tieigo New Member

    Will do as soon as i get home, thanks man
  5. OP

    Tieigo New Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thank you, i'm trying to find this part on ebay or amazon, but it seems impossible...
  6. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    Yea it looks like a Throttle Check Valve - Those usually don't go bad . Your probably looking to get one of those at a junk yard . Did someone tell you that part is no good ?
  7. OP

    Tieigo New Member

    yeah, it's making some annoying idle sound, and also going up on hilly roads
  8. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    I would check for cracks in the hoses , Especially the PVC valve , If you have a mass air flow maybe needs to be cleaned . Distributor cap and rotor button can be going bad . Is there a way you can put up a video of the sound your hearing or feeling ?

    I'm just saying those rarely go bad all it is , Is a valve suction one way not the other you can take that off and just suck on the end and blow to see if it is working . PVC valve should be rattling when you take that off if it is rattling slow or sticking that could do the same issues .
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