Are 2009-2013 Corolla Fenders the same.

Hey guys, long story short my left front fender on my 2011 Corolla got damaged and needs to be replaced.

I was looking around at junkyard and they have a 2010 fender the same colour as mine, but since they updated the front end in 2011, I'm not sure if the fenders from the 2009-2010 are the same as the 2011-2013 (they look the same to me). I know the hood is the same throughout the years.

So my question is, are the 2009-2010 Corolla front fenders the same as the 2011-2013? Advice would be appreciated!
Well, there was a midcycle refresh for 2011, you care correct, however on the front end the lights and bumper were updated. It took me a few years to actually notice (which, for me is surprising I did not notice the detail sooner) but the difference in the headlight design and fitment are really only the front. while I have not detailed the two lights on the side where they meet the fenders, I really don't see any difference when it comes to the fenders. It would have been more expensive to alter the fender on the car. It is easier to alter the bumper and lights but keep the same fitment between bumper, light and fender. The same car was sold in different markets around the world and the all got the update, and mind you the rear was not changed, just the lights and bumper. I don't really know for 100% accuracy, but I am highly confident it would work, plus a quick google search suggest the same fender for 2009-2013.