Automatic Windows

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by Blackielance, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Blackielance

    Blackielance New Member

    Has anyone thought or attempted to make all there windows auto?
    I would like to do it if it seems possible cause it would be nice to just click the buttons once for up and down even if i could only do it from the driver door.
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  3. Chris Denton

    Chris Denton New Member

    I would like this also. Please share if you discover how to do this.
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  4. Douglasblax

    Douglasblax New Member

    I’d be happy with just my passenger window! This is an awesome idea I’ve thought about too but never asked or looked around
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  5. OP

    Blackielance New Member

    Im going to keep looking around. knowing that Lexus and Toyota share parts there is probably a part that would allow us from Lexus since it seems that most of their car come with auto windows.
  6. JohnnieXSE

    JohnnieXSE New Member

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  7. OP

    Blackielance New Member

    I learned last night that the CHR has auto windows all around. Makes me wonder how hard it would be to try put in parts from it.
  8. lar.smith

    lar.smith New Member

    It's easy just hold button down for about 2 seconds !!
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  9. Shok

    Shok New Member

    There is a module that can be bought through aliexpress.
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  10. Ed Headington

    Ed Headington New Member

    The Prius also has auto on all four windows.
  11. Shok

    Shok New Member

    Oem auto window on all 4 doors require different switches to all 4 doors. The connectors and wiring is different since all the window signals will now go through the LIN network compared to the driver window only.
    Attached are the general schematics of the two systems that I got from a russian site. You can see there are lots of differences. IMG_20180318_162721.jpg IMG_20180318_162754.jpg
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