Battery is flat after days later what I am doing to figure out:


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Battery not to old. I bought two batteries one alarger the other Orginal size. seems maybe they both gave the same time? Lol

Put on charge from 12.07, reads at this moment 12.35 plus? I have pulled the cig lighter and center arm rest plug nothing on them, only thing that is running is an Alarm system. I normally can leave the car sit for two weeks with a soft led as the alarm not the leds that are bright. I thought my trunk could be open, this also brought on codes of the VSC and traction but that lead to the gas cap.

All I can do now is read the voltage of hte rig I made up so I do not have to unarm the car just go right to the port.

this AM I believe the voltage was at around 11.50 give or take I am sure a few more loss.** the car be dead again? SOmething is draing it and I feel todays batteries when they give this is how they act. I do not want to invest in a new battery to find two days later it is dead. If I do invest I will not trade in my bat I'll buy straight out and use the bat for my Solar panel.

Any Suggestions while it baffles me I am all ears. Enjoy the video I show what I did cleaned up looked and charging. car is not unattended as I keep an eye while charging


Symptoms due to removing the terminals fuel pump off, radio stations loss, ac on shakes car, lower rpms they are side effects Lol.



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I just removed the charger, and 12.35 plus. I taken out my other bat it reads 12.42 while not hooked up, I have put on charge will let charge for a day and then swap out bats if I have to.


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volts are .05 so I said why not look at the other car its 12.42 plus new battery. I also bipassed my Alarm and will take note bet hte alarm is the culprit.


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My Notes:

12.02 as settles from 12.05 now time will tell. I'll see what happens in a few days. from today if it is Dead again or I hit the nail on the head or the alarm system.


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thanks, seems that the bat has fallen short of the expected life, and I swapped out made sure it charged and held strong, reads the same voltage as our other cars, new 2 month car lol so chaulk it to a batteery

Like other said.
Did you check the alternator?

If it's good.
Turn the car off. Wait a few hours.
Then take voltage and current readings at the positive and negative terminals and see if something is eating power.
If you have lower current and voltage on the negative side. Something is sucking power from the battery.
The battery should read around 12+ volts with the car off. With the engine running you should see 13.5-14.2 volts most of the time. An alarm system can run your battery down in 2 weeks so keep a trickle charger on it to be safe.


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problem resolved. a vid partially made or..

18 month battery holding a week later, more or less it is not about the 18 month battery it is about why the draw? dropping AM happy and contented on Resolving my issue/

I've used Costco batteries for many years. The Kirkland branded versions were the longest lasting battery I've ever owned. The one in my truck went just a tick over 6 years. I typically replace them at 4 year intervals. I have 2 of the Costco Interstates now. One is more than 3 years old, the other just over 2 years. Seem to be okay, so far.
Thank you Rock-n-roller:

they should last my isse, who knows, just find it funny/strange that both bats gone on two different cars same time Lol when this was an issue now we'll see as temps are changing and the car less used. I'll report back. I still left the solar charger on got no issues with it over charging itt o weak to even get that far Lol.