Battery Problems with a New Corolla

I purchased a new 2017 Corolla in Dec 2016 and everything was fine until I needed a jumpstart last month. The battery failed after only 30 months. I know the Texas heat can be tough on batteries, but this is a very short life.
Toyota service was excellent and they replaced it at no cost with a Toyota True Start battery. I do not know what the brand name of the battery that was replaced.(the lable was not easy to read). The serviceman said it was a generic battery. Anybody else have any trouble with their battery in a new Corolla?
There is no saying how long a specific battery will last, but it’s generally between 2 to 6 years. Quality, environment, type of usage (numerous short stop and go or not), incidents with forgotten accessories, charging system itself etc. all make a difference. So 30 months is on the short side of life expectation, but not necessarily on the “defective” side. Not sure about all of them but many Toyota’s oem batteries are Johnson Controls.
I work at a auto parts store. I replace car batteries every day. New cars batteries are not lasting. Most Toyota's, Honda's and Nissan's I see come to get battery replaced within 18 to 24 months of purchase. Here in FL they seem to fail earlier due to the heat. My Corolla battery started getting weak within 16 months. New cars use a lot of power and batteries are being made cheaper than before. Therefore, they are designed cheap to fail early.
Hi good day,
I am from Colombia, I have a 2016 corolla, and it has vibrations and low rpm, cleaned body acceleration, verified everything and without mess, even reprogrammed the entire body of acceleration, I would like to know if something similar has happened or has to do with the packaging of the intake manifold.