Battery Problems with a New Corolla

I purchased a new 2017 Corolla in Dec 2016 and everything was fine until I needed a jumpstart last month. The battery failed after only 30 months. I know the Texas heat can be tough on batteries, but this is a very short life.
Toyota service was excellent and they replaced it at no cost with a Toyota True Start battery. I do not know what the brand name of the battery that was replaced.(the lable was not easy to read). The serviceman said it was a generic battery. Anybody else have any trouble with their battery in a new Corolla?
There is no saying how long a specific battery will last, but it’s generally between 2 to 6 years. Quality, environment, type of usage (numerous short stop and go or not), incidents with forgotten accessories, charging system itself etc. all make a difference. So 30 months is on the short side of life expectation, but not necessarily on the “defective” side. Not sure about all of them but many Toyota’s oem batteries are Johnson Controls.