Blue crush paint getting worse

Strangely enough, I once had a 2013 Kia Rio and it was almost the same shade of blue. Well, I had the exact same problem. Paint was flaking all over the place. Is it because the pigments in the blue paint cause trouble?
Im not sure but ive seen a few Blue crush corollas with this same issue. I guess ill have to get the car painted again but ill probably make sure they prep the inside panels real good and use a good brand paint its a shame i car has to get repainted this soon i mean its 5 years old but i was expecting maybe the 10th year lol
My Indigo Ink Pearl Corolla did the same thing under the deck lid and behind the fuel fill door. Now all the clear coat is burnt off of the deck lid,roof and hood.
I have a blue crush colored car, and so far it's ok. My car is a 2014, so it is 5 years old. Maybe since my car is parked in a garage that might be of some help. Not sure. I certainly hope it does not start to fade.


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Oh crap! Mine is doing that as well. It's a 2017 IM. I thought they were just door dings and such but now realize they couldn't be because of location. I had a 2008 Chevrolet HHR with this shade of blue. Never faded, never flaked, even after 10 years. I even took acetone to the hood when someone vandalized it with fingernail polish. Boy, I miss that car.