My 2015 corolla has quite an unresponsive brake pedal. You have to really push it down, at which time it does stop fast enough / fine. I.e. the main issue is the sensitivity. I had the car looked at mechanically and they didn't say anything except that the rear brake pads are 75% worn. Is this normal for these cars? Do you think new pads would fully solve this problem? Cheers


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Rear brakes provide the most pedal feel. This is why rear disc is sought after more than rear drum. If the feel has gotten worse recently, replacing the rear pads and possibly the discs as well, will help with pedal feel. Also, have you had the brake lines checked? How is the fluid level? Condition of the fluid? If you do get the brakes replaced make sure the lines are bled properly. There are many aspects to quality of brakes. Your car is 5 years old and any of the mentioned issues could be in play by now.

Is this normal for these cars?
Due to the age (miles not given but I would guess you're approaching 100k miles) I would say you're noticing wear. Not necessarily a problem with the car itself.


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For me. I look under the hood time to time. the brake res is low, means the brakes are wearing.... simply change out the pads all four, bleed each line see no air, move to the next, and the pedal should harden.

Now you said Trechnician. told you, but did he offer to bleed out he air in the lines?
Cheers both - really helpful. You think bleed and change all pads out even though just the rear are worn? He was just doing an overall check of the car - I actually hadn't specifically mentioned the brake concerns but I assume that they would offer to bleed them as part of the brake pad replacement. It's quite a different feel to my old car and other cars I'm driving (non responsive until I push hard). Haven't checked the brake line fluid level but I would have hoped he'd done that as part of the check. Car is just being sprayed so I'll do that when I get it back. And yep, it's done 130k (was an ex rental) so definitely there'll be a bit of wear to say the least.