Break squeak


I have brakes that squeak only just when the pedal is slightly on, when heavy braking there is no noise, only sometimes a humming noise for 2 seconds prior to stopping. The mechanic said rear drums needed cleaning and charged one hour labour and the brakes are about 70% better but the noise is still there. Enough to have to take it to a specialist eventually. Does this sound like rear drum issue? The front brake rotors and pads all line up well and not below the legal limits so would like to know what else to tell the brake specialist before taking the car in.
Cleaning the brakes is a temporary fix. The brake dust will eventually reappear. If you're experiencing excessive brake dust then you might want to upgrade the quality of your pads and/or shoes. Also check if the calipers are "hanging" (pads rubbing on the rotors when the brakes are NOT applied). Glazed rotors and drums will also cause squeaks. You'd need to get them "turned" or replaced. Also make sure your emergency brake is retracting all the way or your brake drums will be in constant contact with shoes. Good luck.
Yes that would make sense, I think will end up taking it to a brake specialist. They must have been on the car for some times unfortunately don't have tools so it all costs money.