Buying. What to look out for?

Don't know much about this gen, did research as best as I could. Seems there aren't too many serious issues that plague this gen, and I like how it's the last of the "old tech" in terms of analog gauges, thick cloth seats, etc. Are there any common places to look for rust on these? Leaks, like rain getting in? Any cheap parts of the car that don't hold up as well as the rest? How should the 1.8 sound, are they noisy? Anything else I'm not thinking of? I'm going to look at a 2013 LE with only 75k miles at a big corporate dealership so it should be fairly nice, but don't want to miss details. Thanks.
Sunroof rust if it has one. Check the rubber seal for any bulges caused by corrosion, check the headliner for water marks. Seems a fairly widespread problem on these.
We bought our 2010 Corolla used from Hertz car sales with 30,000 miles on it and it has been perfect so far.

I do have a slight slip / skip feeling sometimes when the automatic transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd. Usually when I have to let off the throttle in while in first gear and then push on it again a split second later before the A/T is about to shift to 2nd.

So be sure to pay attention to how the transmission shifts when you are doing the test drive.

I noticed the minor issue a few years ago and we just ignore it since it only happens in very specific situations once or twice a month.