Can I/Should I mod my 2009 Corolla XLE?

I'm just curious if I am capable of modding my Corolla XLE with some Corolla S/XRS parts. I'm pretty new to the whole car world so sorry if this question seems pretty obvious to some. Right now it has 166,000 miles and a automatic transmission. Is modding it worth it at this point? If so, what would you guys recommend to either increase HP or acceleration, or both. Thanks in advance.


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Deciding if a certain car is worth modding is up to the owner in my opinion. What do you do with your car and what exactly do you want to improve on it? If you daily drive it and want more pep, you can do simple things like an upgraded intake and a throttle controller. If you want more horsepower out of your car or you want to race it for instance, you'll have to spend more money not only on horsepower adders (intake, exhaust, headers, tune, FIC etc.) but also on upgraded suspension. So start off with what your plans are for your Corolla and what you're using it for.
Easiest way to change acceleration is a throttle controller. The motor is not made for power. To add a decent amount of HP is expensive.