Car Trouble

I have a 2016 Corolla S 1.8L. I came back from running errands today that my tailpipe was leaking some water. I just installed a RAM air intake today. Could that be the issue?

In addition to that, one of the fan belt pulleys seems to be quite squeaky and the car seems to be “hunting” and the RPMs will spike by a very small fraction, stay there for about 5 seconds, then come back down
"Could that be the issue" of what? condensation is normal in tail pipes when it's cold outside. I'd replace the belt and it sounds like your Transmission is going out and I bet you run it pretty hard, am I right? How many miles?
That would make sense if it wasn’t 50 degrees outside. I replaced the belt and still here rattling. Looks like it’s the crank pulley. I run it a little hard but mostly city miles. I bought it at 26k miles and now it’s at 37,300
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