Center button on steering wheel controls does nothing?

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by Kerophizer, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Kerophizer

    Kerophizer New Member

    I've had my 2016 Corolla for a few months and I still don't understand what the buttons on the left of the steering wheel are supposed to do. The center button does nothing but beep when I press it. The up and down buttons switch tracks. The left and right buttons seem to do nothing except skim through the song when you hold them down.

    This video says that on browse screens, the up and down arrows should move through the choices, and left and right move through headings, but they don't seem to do that on my car. Is this true of every model? Is there a setting I need to change?


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  3. Chris Denton

    Chris Denton New Member

    I have an aftermarket head unit now and my buttons are programmable through the idatalink Maestro.
    But I think I had similar issues with the factory set up.
    The steering wheel controls are standard on all models and certain functions may only be for the NAV units.
    Again, I don’t know, but it’s an answer of sorts.
  4. jolly

    jolly New Member

    ↑↓ Next preset radio station or ← → Next station (seek)
    ↑↓ Next music track or ← → Fast forward / rewind in current track
    MODE: On (if off) or Source (if on) or hold to mute
    ≤: Previous screen

    Arrows are also used to navigate in menus, central button acting as “Enter” IF you have the premium unit (with navigation) showed in the video.
    If not, the central button has no use... except checking the "beep" sound ;)
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  5. OP

    Kerophizer New Member

    That's incredibly stupid. There's no reason why they couldn't make the center button be Enter and arrows navigate menus on the version without navigation, too. Maybe if we bother them enough they'll add it as a firmware update? :(
  6. jolly

    jolly New Member

    Well, yes and no. In Entune Multimedia (non navigation unit) you don't need an "enter" button since an element (track, station) is automatically selected when you reach it via the arrows.
    In Entune Premium (navigation units), you might need to select and "enter" because of navigation and phone apps like Facebook, OpenTable, etc. that you can control via the car screen.
    In a sense, I'm glad they choose to leave the button there instead of an empty space but you really don't need it unless you upgrade to the functions of the Premium unit.
  7. OP

    Kerophizer New Member

    I have the non-navigation unit and it's not usable from the steering wheel. You can't use the arrows to change tracks, and if you could, you would still need an Enter button to make them start playing. So yes, and not no.
  8. jolly

    jolly New Member

    Wrong...that's the sole purpose of those arrows. And the track (or station) start automatically, no need to "enter". Unless you're streaming via bluetooth (not all bluetooth protocols support this function). But try it with radio, CD, USB drive, you'll see.
  9. OP

    Kerophizer New Member

    All they do is cycle through tracks in the current playlist. You can't use them to navigate the Browse screens, or cycle between Artist/Track/Album, etc. It's the same whether Bluetooth, CD, USB drive, etc., and there's no reason why this shouldn't be possible.
  10. jolly

    jolly New Member

    OK, I get you now, between “not usable” and “all they do is”. You mean limited functions, not no functions.
    The same could be said of voice command, limited to phone calls in Entune Multimedia.
    But for what you describe, you wouldn’t be happier with Entune Premium where steering wheel buttons have more functions only in apps.

    I’m afraid your hope of a firmware update doesn’t have much chance… Because of marketing: Want more? Pay for option package. Even more? Pay for a Lexus.
    In NA, Corolla is marketed – and priced – as a basic car. Elsewhere you can get things like park assist, hence the blank switches on the dashboard of even our Premium or X versions.
    Not saying it’s OK or that competition doesn’t do different, but that’s the formula of Toyota’s success... according to Toyota !

    And also because Entune 2.0 (our cars) is a done deal that won’t get any more attention.
    Entune 3.0 is now rolling out, on completely different firmware AND hardware, so without retro-compatibility.
  11. OP

    Kerophizer New Member

    What "limited functions" does the center button have?

    Also it doesn't support gapless playback of MP3s :(

    My old cars had aftermarket stereos that didn't have these problems. It's ridiculous that we're stuck with only what comes in the car, and what comes in the car doesn't work.
  12. jolly

    jolly New Member

    In music, none. For phone, menu navigation as you do need "enter", not wanting any contact the arrows go on to be immediately call.
  13. Chris Denton

    Chris Denton New Member

    Your not stuck with anything.
    My entire stock system is sitting in a box in my basement.
    Now I have Kenwood head unit, Maestro car interface, Kenwood component speakers (doors & deck), Kicker tweeters (doors), Kenwood tweeters (C pillars), Kicker amps and 2-12” Kicker subs.
    CarPlay, android auto, plays standard DVD’s. I can even play movies and YouTube off my iPhone on it.
    Your definitely not stuck!
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