Check out the 11th Gen FB group!

This forum is a ghost town 90% of the time. Check out “11th Gen Toyota Corolla Crew (2014+)” on Facebook. The members are much more active than on here or Toyota Nation.
I agree with you on the ghost town. I see a lot of people join, ask a question, get an answer and never return. I do a lot on instagram too because it can get a little stale here.

This is a great forum though! I’ve met a lot of great car enthusiasts here and the collective information and knowledge is invaluable!!

I sent the request to join!!
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I wonder, does it work the same way even now? And one more question - is there a way to make the same stuff for Instagram? Not so long ago I accidentally deleted one very important discussion. I became popular and now people send me interesting stuff in Direct. One of my friends told me how to buy Instagram followers and I did it, then a lot of followers came on their own. And some of them really helps me with content and stuff.