Cloudy/Hazy Windshield behind top-mounted Windshield camera/sensor box...

So, I took my new 2020 Corolla SE sedan to the dealership for a full-synthetic 'break-in' oil change at 1.5K miles last week (car also sat on lot for 4 months before I purchased it), & while I was there I pointed out the hazy little section of glass on inside of my upper windshield where the camera/sensor looks out from its little box housing. The shop that applied my SunTek Ultra full-frontal PFF film pointed it out to me a few weeks ago & said that wasn't normal, since I hadn't even notice it before then. Well, the dealership came back & said that the little heating element in sensor housing was working fine & should be preventing the hazing on sealed area where camera meets windshield. They then escalated the problem up to Toyota Corporate as a potential issue for a wider-ranging service bulletin or recall, since something wasn't sealed properly in that area at the factory. He indicated that they may need to replace my entire front windshield & sensor array to solve the issue & are awaiting direction/approval from Toyota corporate on how to address the problem. Fun, fun with stupid, mostly-useless (for decent drivers anyway ;)) technology-bloat in cars. Just another reminder I guess that you really should wait at 1-2 years before buying a new-gen model total revamp.
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