Clutch bite point, Corolla 2004

What is the approximate bite point in your Corolla's clutches? If we think it like this: when the pedal is up without pressure (neutral position) its engaged 0% and when fully on the floor its 100%. Then you shift and start to bring clutch up when does it take contact?

When i bought my 2004 corolla six months ago, the bite was very high about 20% from neutral position and the pedal was stiff(ish), but no slipping/hesitating or other symptoms. So three months ago i took my car to have an clutch job. They did the whole package and master cylinder also. Bite point went near 50% and pedal was smooth. But soon pedal started to have this cranking noise, so they adjusted something few times at the shop and everything was fine for a moment. But now within a last month i have noticed that pedal is getting bit stiffer and bite point is again somewhere near 20%. So is this some kind of feature in Corolla? High bite point? I'm suspecting that car shop did something wrong, but they told me that they can check it, but if there is no fault i will have to pay it again. And how can i know if they will speak the truth? Where i live, clutch job is usually around 1000e, mine was only bit over 400e, and the place was bit shady so that's why I'm suspecting foul play here. Or maybe there is factory defects on parts or if the bite just is high i dont know... So when does your clutch start to bite? Thanks for the answers! :)
Yeah they changed my clutch in August at work shop, and bite point is still high. They adjusted it so that it bites near floor but then the whole movement of the pedal was so short that they adjusted it back. Maybe they messed it up...