coil overs vs lowering springs

im thinking of buying coil over's for my 01 but i hear so much bad stuff about ebay coil overs. has any one bought and used them? are they as bad as ive heard? im trying to avoid having to do this twice. would like some real world feed back from people whop have bought them thanks.
My 2 cents..

The old days, we use to cut our OEM springs to achieve the drop stance.
Certain cars didn't get a lot of aftermarket support in those days.
Lowering springs are garbage, It was a cheap way to capitalize on coilover market.

There are aftermarket shock and strut assembly kits, that cater towards lowering springs.
That will give you OEM feel with a one way drop height. However, it is costly.

Most of your local franchise shock and strut shops will offer this set-up (kwsuspensions brand), if you are will to pay for it.

Keep-in-mind, that coilovers are not street legal and are recommended for track usage only. Some shops will not install them for you for legal purpose.

Coilovers sleeves are also a waste of money.

Don't waste anymore money on accessories for your Corolla.
I would recommend you to save up, research, and get set of entry-level coilovers.