Compact spare in 2020 Corolla Hybrid?

I've been looking with interest at the 2020 Corolla Hybrid. However, at least according to the Toyota website it appears that there is no standard or optional spare for the hybrid.

Does anyone know whether the space for the spare is present (and the spare just not included)? If so, would the non-hybrid compact spare fit?

Being forced to rely upon spray-goop-in-a-can is pretty-much a deal killer for me.



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Does anyone know whether the space for the spare is present (and the spare just not included)?
Not sure why Toyota's US site say that but the Canadian site does mention temporary spare tire and I've seen a few US reviews showing it. Plus the new TNGA platform is the same whether hybrid or not with space for the battery under the seat (left empty in non hybrid cars) so the trunk configuration itself is the same.
This is many months later but we just bought a new 2020 Corolla Hybrid and not only does it not have a spare, it doesn't even have a jack! Spare tires are being eliminated for the weight savings... I have read that only one Prius trim comes with a spare, and Toyota has added an extra year of roadside assistance to cars without a spare. The space for the spare is right there in the trunk, and the threaded receptor for the spare tire retainer is welded right in the center, just like a regular Corolla sedan. I'd rather have the spare tire. Also, if you check the Yokohama web site, you void the warranty on the tires if you use a sealant to fix a flat... A nail is not covered by the warranty, but a future blowout could be if the tire was at fault... And there goes your warranty. And how much does it cost to recharge your Toyota tire repair goo?

Couldn't even jack the car up and take the tire to Costco in my Subaru, THAT HAS A SPARE!!!
I'm a happy owner of the 2020 hybrid in spite of the lack of a spare tire. After waiting a year for the dealer to find me one, and all the other related parts, I've taken things in hand. I bought a spare tire with valve, mounted on a wheel, all new parts, on Ebay at half the price quoted at the dealership. Bought a scissor jack at NAPA for $30 instead of $221 from Toyota. An 11/16 socket which will work for the lug wrench they want $46 for. The last things I'm working on are the spare tire tie-down and a shallow tray. The tie-down goes for $13 and the tray $173. A 1/4 20 bolt is close to the correct diameter so I'll see what the hardware store may have in metric. All the new parts will fit in the cut-outs of the cushion, spare wheel, aka the tray, with some very minor modifications. The main problem is the tray's depth. With the tire in the well, the tray needs to be much thinner so I'll prob'ly cut it down. I've cut similar foam using the side of a 4" putty knife that I've sharpened with a file.
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Took the spare and jack out of my 07 Prius before I traded it in, 07 Touring package has the same size tires as the 2020 Corolla. Have not found the 200$ piece of Styrofoam that goes on top of the spare, but jack and lug wrench fit in (Hybrid) styro-piece. Just threw the Prius spare in the trunk for now.