Complete Transmission Flush - Trying To Get Proper Fluid Level


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I did a complete flush and filter change in my 2011's transmission, and now I'm having difficulty reading the level of the new fluid on the dipstick. I know there is a cold and a hot marking for fluid level, and that the engine is supposed to be idling during the check, but I'm getting mixed readings.

I did a cold start and checked it, and on one side of the stick, the fluid was in between the cold level dots, but on the other side of the stick, it was WAY below the cold level. I redid it, with the same results.

Is only one side of the stick accurate, or do I not have enough fluid? Car seems to drive and shift fine.

I checked it twice because I thought maybe there was some splash from the engine moving during the start, but it was the same result both times. And yes, I dry it with a paper towel, put it back in, then pull it out again for a proper read.

Any suggestions, or is this a correct reading?